If you need high-quality crane mats or excavator mats, you are at the right place! At Ko-Mats we deliver for you from stock in all common sizes and types of wood for purchase or rent, and, if you wish, we will bring it right up directly to your project!

Our crane mats are used by various companies in numerous industries, such as in the oil and gas industry, heavy load companies, dredging companies, on- and offshore companies, crane operators, heavy load pedals and foundation construction companies, as well as and in wind energy.

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The woods used are characterized by high wear resistance, high Monnin hardness and long durability. See for yourself!

Type of wood




All Ko-Mats qualities

100/150/200 mm

950/1000 mm

4-5-6-8 Meter

Why use our crane mats?

  • All our mattresses are equipped with suspension devices on both sides. This makes the handling of the elements easy.
  • The suspension devices are always computer controlled cut at the same point, that way several elements can be lifted simultaneously.
  • The drill holes are symmetrical and the bolt heads are countersunk.
  • The front sides are chamfered at the upper edge, which makes it easier to drive onto the mattress and extends the longevity.
  • Thanks to our state-of-the-art production line, there are almost no differences in height in the crane mats.
  • The wood is CNC cut to length. Thus, a 5m mattress is actually 5m and there are no differences in laying out the mats successively.

If all of this is not enough, we offer free colour marking on the front sides according to your specifications. This way, you and everyone else will recognize your mattresses on every construction site.

Hoogwaardige draglineschotten


All standard sizes of our range are available from stock. These are crane mats with a thickness of 100 up to 200 millimeters and a length of 4 to 8 meters. The recommended strength also depends on the area of application and the use. The standard dimensions are:

  • 100 mm Versatile for temporary roads or gas- and pipeline projects. Ideal for trucks and construction machines up to an axle load of approx. 25 tons.
  • 150 mm Frequently used for temporary floor space for cranes and excavators with an average weight of up to 40 tons. Can also be used as underfloor protection for pontoons or concrete floors.
  • 200 mm Suitable for intensive, frequent and heavy duty applications: heavy duty cranes, heavy duty construction equipment and crawler cranes with a weight of several hundred tons.


Crane and excavator support mats made of hardwood are versatile. For example, they can be used for the following purposes:

  • Protection of the ship deck when carrying heavy loads
  • Use in production plants as load distribution to avoid point loads
  •  Ancillary routes for access or removal, as an access road or an overpass
  • Underfloor for the heaviest construction equipment
  • Protection of quay surfaces
  • Storage area for construction equipment in the field
  • Floor space and driving surface for Cranes

Wood species and the physical characteristics

Our crane mats are made from tropical woods such as Ekki, Okan and Dabema and also from domestic beech wood. These types of wood are characterized by high abrasion resistance, high monnine hardness and longevity. See for yourself!

Technical properties Beech Dabema Okan Ekki (Azobé)
Weight at 12% moisture of wood kg/m3 710 850 1030 1060
Monnin hardness N/mm2 4,2 4,4 10,3 10,7
Shrinkage % 0,54 0,55 0,61 0,69
Tangial shrinkage % 11,6 8,5 7,9 10,3
Radial shrinkage % 5,7 3,8 5,8 7,3
Crushing strength N/mm2 57 57 82 96
Bending strength N/mm2 111 98 134 162
Elasticity N/mm2 15300 15190 22260 21420
Grain interlocked interlocked interlocked
Durability class II II/III I/II I
Fungi resistance Not Medium Durable Very durable
Termite resistance Not Medium Durable Durable
Source: CIRAD

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