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Ko-Mats is a medium-sized company specializing in hardwood crane mats.
We produce the mattresses in our ultra-modern production plant and deliver them worldwide for purchase and for rent.

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Fields of demand Industries and projects that utilize our products
  • Wind energy
  • Power line construction
  • Civil engineering and pipeline construction
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Crane hire and heavy haulage company
  • Piling and foundation construction companies
  • Onshore and offshore companies
  • Oil and gas industry
Timber for every application Ko-Mats quality for every project
  • EKKI mats
  • Hard wood mats
  • Beech mats

Our products In addition to our quality hardwood crane mats, shoring mats and jacking timber are available for our customers. All our products are available in various styles so as to meet your needs. In addition we can, upon request, custom manufacture products to fit specific and unique requirements. For our customers we provide flexibility in the way you purchase our products. Purchasing outright or simply renting we can help you find the right package to suit your needs as well as worldwide delivery.

Our product range:

Type of wood Strength Width Length
All Ko-Mats qualities 100/150/200 mm 950/1000 mm 4-5-6-8 Meter

Crane Mats

Bagger und Kranmatratzen

Are you looking for high-quality crane mats? We deliver directly from stock in the most common dimensions, for purchase or rent. As a producer with international logistics, we can answer your inquiries flexibly.

Supporting mats

Do you need a solution to distribute accumulated point loads? Your project will be stable and safe with our high quality hardwood support mats!

Jacking timber

In addition to crane mats Ko-Mats also supplies Ekki jacking timbers for building foundations and lifting structural constructions. Our jacking timber is used successfully worldwide.

Strong products for strong foundations

Wood for every requirement

Ekki, Okan, Mora, Dabema, Beech ....

Worldwide delivery

No intermediate trade. Without delay to you

Always the right strength

100, 150 or 200 mm thickness of the material

Service for you

Additional service such as colour marking or beveled edges

Purchase or Rent

Crane and excavator support mats made from wood for purchase or rent

Privileged import status

Reap the rewards of our advantages import status


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