Welcome to Ko-Mats

Ko-Mats is a supplier of dragline mats and crane mats. We have our own production companies in Europe and Latin America, which means we can serve our customers globally. We maintain a large stock of materials for sale, hire and buy-back.

Ko-Mats, your partner in dragline mats for:

  • Building contractors in the wet infrastructure sector
  • The oil and gas industry
  • Cranes and heavy-lift companies
  • Temporary roads and platforms
  • Pile-driving and foundation companies
  • International dredging companies
  • Onshore and offshore companies

We supply the following products for your projects:

  • Azobe mats
  • Mora mats
  • Wamara mats
  • Oak mats
  • Conifer mats
  • Mats with UNP reinforcement

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Our products


Ko-Mats has a large stock and a broad range of tropical hardwood dragline mats. Our timber comes from sustainable forests.

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About Ko-Mats


Ko-Mats has been producing tropical hardwood dragline mats for many years. 

We offer expert knowledge at an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Our corporate brochures also include information about our products. Would you like to find out more about our dragline mats, types of timber and applications?